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Izmir-Custom Half Day Tour

Private Archaeologous guide on half day Izmir tour

Private Archaeologous guide on half day Izmir tour

If you are cruising to Izmir, one of the lovely ports in Turkey, then this quick 4 hour ‘customized’  private tour is wonderful. You get to experience a ‘taste of history’, favorite sightseeing highlights and have fun mixing and matching what ever strikes your fancy from our available popular tourist spots in Izmir. Isn’t doing what you want what vacations are all about?  Our Archaeologous staff is here to help with your planning. Just contact us by email at: contact@archaeologous.com or go to the page for booking.   http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/16/half-day-customized-izmir/

This half day shore excursion is like having a ‘genie’ in a bottle. There are many choices to choose from in ‘Beautiful Izmir’. You could take a trip back in time to the monumental ancient city of Pergamon or the Ancient Izmir Agora (which was the shopping/political area in ancient times), or the fantastic Kemeralti Bazaar with its Turkish treasures , or you might want to check out the Kadifekale Castle, which was connected to Alexander the Great. You can also choose the amazing Izmir Archaeological Museum, showing the treasures excavated from the legendary ancient cities of Miletus, Ephesus, Pergamon, Troy, Didyma, etc.  Or, take a quick visit to the Ataturk Museum and learn about the leader that  brought Turkey into the modern world. This and much more is available. Just let us know and we’ll help you plan your private custom day tour as soon as you’d like.


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