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Greek island vacation tours by Archaeologous

Every one seems to sigh when hearing the words “the Greek islands”. Visions of warm nights, late dinners, festivals, and days spent in the aqua marine sea (thalassa) appear in the mind’s eye.  Whether you are looking for a romantic holiday, honeymoon location, anniversary present–think Greek. We here at Archaeologous make many bucket list wishes come true. So if you have a fantasy to spend time  with white washed Cycladic architecture, or tour 3,500 year old  ancient sites, then get in touch with us at: http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/greek-islands/
Archaeologous has many day tours and shore excursions to choose from whether you visit Rhodes with its sandy beaches and archaeological sites, or the breathtaking caldera and sunsets of Santorini, the #1 honeymoon spot. Or perhaps, have us organize a day trip to the 3 Greek islands of Poros, Hydra and Aegina. Located within a one day sail, this is a great tour.
Island of Poros, trees down to the port, beautiful island. Let Archaeologous.com  arrange your day cruise.

Island of Poros, trees down to the port, beautiful island. Let Archaeologous.com arrange your day cruise.

Santorini:  The tour brochures call it the “Pearl of the Aegean”, we call it a world favorite tourist destination due to it’s amazing 5,000 year history and culture. It has something for everyone like:  black and red beaches,  award winning wineries, (and with ‘that’ goes wine tasting of course), gorgeous sunsets at the village of Oia that  photographers world wide try to capture. Or, you could explore how life was 3,500 years ago in the excavation site of Akrotiri, Which ever Santorini tour of ours you choose, you will come away knowing you have been to a ‘wonder of the world’.
Rhodes:   This beautiful and enchanting island is the past home of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, geographically centered, filled with historic relevance and exciting with it’s myriad of things to see and do. Here you can take in a Medieval town and castle, 3 ancient excavations cities, plus a valley of butterflies and sandy beaches. You’ll see why it is one of the most visited and popular vacation destinations in Europe.

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