Rhodes ‘Favorites’ Half Day Tour by Archaeologous

As I lay in bed drinking my hot chocolate on this rainy night, I’m remembering the beautiful sights I saw while in Rhodes, Greece. I have always admired that quality that we humans have of being able to ‘relive’ all the beautiful places we’ve visited through memories.

I went on the favorites of Rhodes, half day private tour of the Valley of the Butterflies and the Grand Masters’ Palace- with city  highlights as well.  My private group was met by our ‘personal’ guide right at the gangplank of our ship, (you too, or an airport rendezvous can be arranged). Then in A/C comfort (which is  really appreciated in the summers) we experienced quite a magical time as the first destination of the tour which was the enchanting site of the Valley of the Butterflies.  In this truly ‘paradise like’ unique setting from June -September, you will see thousands of butterflies that come here to reproduce.  It was amazing to have 1,000s of beautiful butterflies fluttering around our heads and some landing on our shoulders. It was  convenient to walk up the hill on the lovely well kept wooden bridges and pathways through the jungle to the next venue. Streams and waterfalls completed this treasure of a place.  At the top of the pathway is the beautiful Byzantine Monastery of the Virgin of Kalopetra, (built in 1784 on top of the ruins of the Temple of Athena from the 3rd century BC).  From this viewpoint, we saw a great panoramic view of the island below. It was a good feeling to see our trusted driver ready and waiting to continue the tour excursion.  (No worries, for those not wanting to take the wooden pathway walk up to the top, you may be driven to meet the others).

Enter a real Medieval city on 1/2 day Archaeologous tour of Rhodes

Enter a real Medieval city on 1/2 day Archaeologous tour of Rhodes

We then continued with a Panoramic Drive of City Highlights over the Monte Smith Hill which offers a magnificent feel and view of the Aegean and Rhodes. We went past the Ancient Rhodes Acropolis (which is not as impressive as some, but still a thrill due to it’s age)  Also, we saw the  stadium which is refurbished and the D’Amboise Gate of the Medieval City  (talk about a flashback to Medieval times) where we disembarked and on foot visited the Grand Masters Palace. I thought this building, that was built in the 1300’s by the Knights of St John was amazing. The sheer size and thickness of walls had me wondering who were these Knights and how did they ‘create’ this. Our guide told us it was demolished in the 1800’s, and restored by the Italians during the 1939 occupation. I have relatives (from the1300-1600 that were Knights and members of this group) so I took lots of photos on the Gothic “Street of the Knights which has remained  unchanged for five hundred years and possesses a great deal of Gothic influence. Try to find all the Coats of Arms on the doorways.

If this sounds like a half day tour you would enjoy, contact: contact@archaeologous.com and reserve for your private group. **

2 comments on “Rhodes ‘Favorites’ Half Day Tour by Archaeologous

  1. Hi archaeologous,

    I want to tell you that your blog ir pretty nice, i found the great information form this and its look really nice on my I-pad.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth for your kind words. It’s fun to be able to ‘work’ by traveling to all the Greek islands and Turkey to do ‘quality’ control. Ha, yep I ‘have’ to suffer through going to Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, Mykonos’ blue flag beaches, the Parthenon in Athens….. you understand how ‘hard’ I work. Spread the pages with your friends. Thanks again.

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