Bodrum-Full Day Tour-Historical Sightseeing

Who’s ready for a 5 Star vacation in Bodrum? This southern Mediterranean hot spot of a location is filled with activities and legendary historic destinations to delight everyone. We, Archaeologous, a company specializing in in day tours, shore excursions and extended vacation planning in Turkey have put together a great day tour for you in this amazing Turkish city. http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/73/full-day-tour-historical-sightseeing-bodrum/

Bodrum was formally known as Halicarnassus, which was the home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. We’ll uncover the ancient Greek, Roman and Turkish influences in this now, lively and modern coastal resort town.

Day tour of Bodrum, historic sightseeing with Archaeologous

Day tour of Bodrum, historic sightseeing with Archaeologous

We’ll also explore the treasures found in the Underwater Archeology Museum which is located inside the Castle of St. Peter. See if you can find the ‘gold scarab’ inscribed with the name “Nefertiti”. Have your guide tell/show you how the Castle was rebuilt using some of the remains of the Wonder of the World Halicarnassus Mausoleum. Of course we’ll take you to the Mausoleum and the Great Theater of Ancient Halicarnassus.

You will be in the land described by Homer as the “Land of Eternal Blue”. So if you are into water sports, the bays, caves, and crystal clear waters will be having a magnetic pull on you for sure. Hopefully, you can stay a week or more and today is just a start.

We’ll drive along the picturesque bays of the Bodrum peninsula to get to the peaceful seaside village, Gumusluk. It’s only 11 miles from the center of Bodrum so it’s a short drive. Here we’ll have lunch at one of the many popular seafood restaurants of which the village is famous.

Lunchtime on Archaeologous tour. Bodrum-Gumusluk seaside cafes

Lunchtime on Archaeologous tour. Bodrum-Gumusluk seaside cafes

Before the day is over we see the remains of the ancient city of Myndos and promenade along the shoreline.


2 comments on “Bodrum-Full Day Tour-Historical Sightseeing

  1. Gumusluk is a lovely location any time of the day. In the morning is tranquil and calm, and the best place to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee is at the Belediyesi Cafe right by the harbour. Although there are lots of expensive fish restaurants, you also have a good selection of local Lokanatas selling traditional Turkish dishes at a fraction of the cost. In the evening, why not head around to the beach, where there a numerous pensiyons with small restaurants that set up tables and chairs along the beach.

    There’s a great Art and Craft stall area… Gumusluk is renowned for it’s artists, and you can usually find different and unique items for sale here.

  2. Thanks Roving Jay, great input. Sounds like you enjoyed the Bodrum area very much. Our readers will appreciate the tips. Tune into us again. Really like your input.

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