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What can be said of Greece that cannot be said of any other country in the world?Temple-of -Poseidon-Guided-private-tours-by-Archaeologous

Let’s see, in a nutshell…

Greece originated the Olympic Games, western literature and theatrical theories of comedy and tragedy, medicine, major mathematical principles, most root words of modern language, democracy and political science, architecture still copied today, the first cookbook, and the philosophical ideals still used today. That’s it, now you know Greece is an amazing country to visit and experience. So, if you think Greece might be a great place to vacation for your whole family, bible study group, class reunion, honeymoon etc., let us know at www.archaeologous.com or contact@archaeologous.com and we’ll assist with all your travel and tour arrangements.

Santorini-as seen on Archaeologous private day tour

Interesting Facts:

I read an old Greek legend that stated when God created the world, he sifted all the soil onto the earth through a strainer. After every country had good soil, he tossed the stones left in the strainer over his shoulder and created Greece. If you’ve ever been to the Cyclades, you would agree. They seem to be giant rock islands. In Greece there are actually more than 6,000 islands with only about 1200 large enough to be inhabited and only 170 inhabited with about 30 that are really popular.

Greek islands, Cyclades and more. Book with Archaeologous.com

Greek islands, Cyclades and more. Book with Archaeologous.com

Greece is about the size of the southern USA state of Alabama and has a population of 10 million people. About  40% live in the capital, Athens. which has been continuously inhabited for over 7,000 years,  giving Athens the honor of being  one of the oldest cities in Europe.

Greece is a tourist destination due to it’s amazing waters, plethora of history, gorgeous islands, delicious cuisine and the proud people. The number of tourists each year is about 16.5 million which more than doubles the population, especially in the summer months. Thus, the reason Greece has more international airports than most countries.

Greece in the summer is a paradise for vacationers. Book with Archaeologous.com

Greece in the summer is a paradise for vacationers. Book with Archaeologous.com

Did You Know?

Voting is not a choice in Greece? It is the law and required for anyone over 18.

Greece is #3 in olive production and has trees that are still producing olives since the 1200’s. How many generations are in a 800 year old tree?

Legend has it that Athens got it’s name because two gods, Athena and Poseidon, agreed that whoever could give the city the best gift would become guardian over the city and the city would be named after the victor of the contest. Athena gave an olive tree and was deemed more valuable and so today we visit Athens, not Poseidon. Greece is about 80% mountainous and has no navigable rivers and about 7% of the worlds’ marble production comes from here. About 98% of the people living in Greek are ethnic Greek who are a very loyal to their food, music, and customs. The other 2% percent is made up from minority groups: Albanians, Turks, Armenians, gypsies, Macedonians, and Bulgarians.

There are thousands of English words that come from the Greek language. Take for instance, marathon, alphabet, apology, cyclone, pathos, psyche, and most all of the medical, scientific, and psychological terms. Come learn with us and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

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