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About Archaeologous

Archaeologous is a day tour and shore excursion specialist company in Greece and Turkey.

Archaeologous is an experienced family run company servicing vacationers coming to Greece and Turkey.  If you are coming for a Mediterranean cruise and staying only one day or are vacationing for a few days or a week or more, we can assist you with private guided day tours and shore excursions. We are partnered with the best tour operators in these countries providing our guests with top notch licensed guides, new A/C vehicles,  and dependable drivers. Our passion is to share the wonders of these two legendary countries with you and your private groups.

Co-founder of the tour speciality company in Greece and Turkey strive for excellence and fun.

Co-founder of the tour speciality company in Greece and Turkey strive for excellence and fun.

Archaeologous has successfully shown a multitude of visitors the reasons that these two countries are legendary. We’d be honored to take care of your vacation plans, tours and shore excursions in Istanbul, Izmir, Kusadasi, Bodrum and Dikili in Turkey plus, Athens, Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes in Greece.

You may go to our official website at: www.archaeologous.com or email us at: contact@archaeologous.com

Links to choose a tour and book in the following Mediterranean ports of call:


Istanbul: http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-istanbul/

Izmir:  http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-izmir/

Kusadasi: http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-kusadasi/

Bodrum: http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/bodrum/

Dikili: http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-dikili/


Athens: http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-athens/

Santorini: http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-santorini/

Mykonos: http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/half-day-tours-activities-mykonos/

Rhodes: http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-rhodes/

Multi-day tours: http://www.archaeologous.com/multiday-tours/

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