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Day Tours-Greece/Turkey

Archaeologous is a day tour and shore excursion specialist company in Greece and Turkey.

Archaeologous is a day tour and shore excursion specialist company in Greece and Turkey.

At Archaeologous, we pride ourselves on our great TripAdvisor reviews from customers taking our private guided shore excursions and day tours. Also, we are proud of our TripAdvisor Award of Excellence, our efficiency plus, our caring staff. It’s a team effort from our Archaeologous customer care dept to our licensed guides and drivers.

Archaeologous has been given the TripAdvisor Award of Excellence 2013.

Archaeologous has been given the TripAdvisor Award of Excellence 2013.


** Licensed Guides** Multiple Day Tours in Greece and Turkey **Multiple port discounts **Experienced  **Airport and Hotel pickups **Personal Customer Care Person ** Servicing NINE ports of call

We started with day tours in Athens, and have grown to service all the Mediterranean ports cities of Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos in Greece and in Turkey, Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Kusadasi, and Dikili with day shore excursions.

With Archaeologous, one can book a private tour. Our guides are able to speak 11 languages in Turkey and the Turkish law is that every tour must have a licensed guide as there is such an abundance of history. (In less of course you are going to a beach). However in Greece you have the option to have a ‘non’ guided tour if your group is 9 or smaller. We, as well, offer airport and hotel pickups as well. Just request whatever your desires are; be it an Italian guide or hotel pickup etc.

We would be delighted, if you would like to’ ‘customize’ a tour with us or have us plan your extended vacations or shore excursion in the multiple ports you visit on your Mediterranean cruise.  We also give multiple port discounts for booking more than one port with us. It’s really convenient to have one customer care person that you get to know, handle all your different locations’ itineraries and logistics.


Another private group Private Day Tours by Archaeologous, shot at Ephesus, Turkey

Another private group on ‘Private Day Tour’ to Ephesus, Turkey by Archaeologous


MULTIPLE Ports:  http://www.archaeologous.com/multiday-tours/

SANTORINI:           http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-santorini/

RHODES:                 http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-rhodes/

KUSADASI:             http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-kusadasi/

IZMIR:                     http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-izmir/

ISTANBUL:             http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-istanbul/

GREEK ISLANDS: http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/greek-islands/

DIKILI:                    http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-dikili/

BODRUM:              http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/bodrum/

ATHENS:               http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-athens/

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