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Happy Holidays from Archaeologous-Private tours specialist

Did you Know..there was really a Saint Nicklaus in turkey that gave gifts to children?

Did you Know..there was really a Saint Nicklaus in Turkey that gave gifts to children?

SEASON GREETINGS from our Archaeologous staff to you and your family. It was a pleasure getting to show so many many around Greece and Turkey this year.

As you may know, the legend of ole St. Nick, presents in the stockings, the tradition of carrying a bag and pockets full of candies, fruits and little toys originated from a real man in Turkey. Go to http://www.stnicholascenter.org/pages/who-is-st-nicholas/ to read about some of the history, and miracles attributed to St. Nicholas.

XRONIA POLLA!!! in Greek it is the saying that is appropriate now during the holidays and it means, many years are wished for you.  The time to exchange presents in Greece is traditionally December 31st. As the western influence slowly creeps into Greece, more and more however, you will see decorated trees with gifts for a longer period of time. One tradition that I love is the singing from house to house, picking up new people at each stop. This had been known, on some of the Greek islands, to last for 17 hours. the songs are


mostly about the good health and fortune that is wished upon the occupants being honored with the visit by the musicians and singers. Of course, there is a table loaded with great foods and desserts.

We firmly believe here at archaeologous.com that travel and becoming knowledgeable and aware of new cultures can create a harmony amongst the people of the world. We’d love to help you when you travel to the magnificent Mediterranean in 2014.

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Istanbul Full Day walking tour by Archaeologous

We walked the streets of Istanbul and  met school children running up to us like we were Hollywood stars, watched the men wash their feet before going into the Blue Mosque, saw fresh pomegranate juice being squeezed, double knotted Turkish carpets being weaved, ate from the multiple stands during Ramadan and on and on.  The first time I went to Istanbul was for my brother-in-laws anniversary trip. We were treated to the weekend, however my husband and I ended up staying for a week by ourselves ‘after’ the weekend. It’s a city of pure sensual pleasure.

So if you are going for a first time, I’d suggest a walking tour which will give you the ‘taste’ of the culture. This walking tour by Archaeologous is a good one and will leave you with memories of a lifetime.

DESCRIPTION: Archaeologous Istanbul Walking Tours are great because you can see so many popular ‘choice’ historic places within a close proximity. From the time you are met at your hotel till your return eight hours later, you will be experiencing a flashback of the amazing beauty and wealth of Istanbul’s past. If you are looking for a ‘feet on the ground’ experience while learning then this ‘private guided’ tour of the exquisitely beautiful Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar is the best.

NOTE:  Please, be respectful of the request of no photos of people in prayer, and ladies, you are asked to wear a scarf around your head and shoulders upon entry.

INCLUDED: Licensed private guide, pick up and delivery back to your hotel

NOT INCLUDED: entrance fees, lunch and gratuities (appreciated when deserved)

The Blue Mosque, which is the primary mosque in Istanbul where people are called to prayer six times a day.

The Hagia Sophia, the world’s largest building for over 1,000 years.

The Basilica Cistern, a one-of-a-kind football field size underground structure, which presently, due to it’s acoustics and eerie beauty,  is also used for movies and/or concerts.

The Topkapi Palace, a breath taking elegant and opulent statement of the wealth of ancient Turkey.

A Turkish lunch time is planned to experience the ‘famed’ delicious Turkish cuisine.

The Grand BazaarIstanbul Turkish Bazaar-walking tour by Archaeologous which is 4,000 shops  under one roofed area and the opportunities for acquisition are limitless.

So choose a leisurely paced walking tour with Archaeologous if you really want to get a feeling of real Turkish life, the history, the calls to prayer, the ageless bazaars, and the opulence of the past. Istanbul is aptly named, the ‘crossroads of culture’

No worries, if you want to ‘tweak’ the itinerary and stay longer at one place, or skip one location entirely, just tell your private guide. With Archaeologous, it’s our joy to give you, our clients, the very ideal of what you desire.


Rhodes ‘Favorites’ Half Day Tour by Archaeologous

As I lay in bed drinking my hot chocolate on this rainy night, I’m remembering the beautiful sights I saw while in Rhodes, Greece. I have always admired that quality that we humans have of being able to ‘relive’ all the beautiful places we’ve visited through memories.

I went on the favorites of Rhodes, half day private tour of the Valley of the Butterflies and the Grand Masters’ Palace- with city  highlights as well.  My private group was met by our ‘personal’ guide right at the gangplank of our ship, (you too, or an airport rendezvous can be arranged). Then in A/C comfort (which is  really appreciated in the summers) we experienced quite a magical time as the first destination of the tour which was the enchanting site of the Valley of the Butterflies.  In this truly ‘paradise like’ unique setting from June -September, you will see thousands of butterflies that come here to reproduce.  It was amazing to have 1,000s of beautiful butterflies fluttering around our heads and some landing on our shoulders. It was  convenient to walk up the hill on the lovely well kept wooden bridges and pathways through the jungle to the next venue. Streams and waterfalls completed this treasure of a place.  At the top of the pathway is the beautiful Byzantine Monastery of the Virgin of Kalopetra, (built in 1784 on top of the ruins of the Temple of Athena from the 3rd century BC).  From this viewpoint, we saw a great panoramic view of the island below. It was a good feeling to see our trusted driver ready and waiting to continue the tour excursion.  (No worries, for those not wanting to take the wooden pathway walk up to the top, you may be driven to meet the others).

Enter a real Medieval city on 1/2 day Archaeologous tour of Rhodes

Enter a real Medieval city on 1/2 day Archaeologous tour of Rhodes

We then continued with a Panoramic Drive of City Highlights over the Monte Smith Hill which offers a magnificent feel and view of the Aegean and Rhodes. We went past the Ancient Rhodes Acropolis (which is not as impressive as some, but still a thrill due to it’s age)  Also, we saw the  stadium which is refurbished and the D’Amboise Gate of the Medieval City  (talk about a flashback to Medieval times) where we disembarked and on foot visited the Grand Masters Palace. I thought this building, that was built in the 1300’s by the Knights of St John was amazing. The sheer size and thickness of walls had me wondering who were these Knights and how did they ‘create’ this. Our guide told us it was demolished in the 1800’s, and restored by the Italians during the 1939 occupation. I have relatives (from the1300-1600 that were Knights and members of this group) so I took lots of photos on the Gothic “Street of the Knights which has remained  unchanged for five hundred years and possesses a great deal of Gothic influence. Try to find all the Coats of Arms on the doorways.

If this sounds like a half day tour you would enjoy, contact: contact@archaeologous.com and reserve for your private group. **

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Tour Athens by night – assisted by Archaeologous


When my cousin was just here visiting Athens for the first time, we got dressed up and ‘went out on the town’. Athens is Acropolis at Night on Archaeologous tourbeautiful and romantic at night with the lit up Parthenon and Acropolis seen from most vantage points and if you’ve never been to Athens it will be a beautiful memory forever.

We joined a small group (of course I had Archaeologus arrange it for us) and had a great time on her one and only night in Athens. If you would like to join a tour like this to see the ‘night time Athens’, see the sights and have a great dinner and show, then contact http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/67/night-time-athens-tour/.  We were, like you will be, driven around Athens to see and appreciate the modern and ancient archaeological sites such as the Temple of Olympic Zeus, the Hadrian’s Arch, Olympic Stadium and more.

The finale is arriving at the Plaka, known as the “neighborhood of the Gods” which is an adorable cobble stoned village sitting right under the Acropolis. Here, a popular delightful restaurant has been arranged for your Mediterranean dinner and entertainment.  Here, you just sit back, like we did, and enjoy course after course of food plus, the talented energetic troupe of singers and dancers in Greek traditional costumes. Don’t be surprised if ‘you’ end up on stage!  It was great fun as my cousin ‘did’ end  up on the stage as part of the show and looked like she was a pro. Remember to have your camera ready in case one of ‘your’ family members gets called upon to start learning the Greek dancing.


  • Your escort will pick you up and drop you off at your local Athens hotel, just request it with Archaeologous.

  • Email: contact@archaeologous.com if you have any questions or, if you would like some assistance.
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Bacchus would love this Santorini Winery-History Tour

Santorini Wiine and History Tour by ARchaeologous   Do you love wine? Santorini? Vacations in Greece? Then this could be the tour of all tours for you. The Santorini Private Guided Shore Excursion of  Wineries, Wine tasting, and the Akrotiri Site.

Maybe you’ve heard of the award winning wines of Santorini that many sommeliers have considered to be ‘true treasures’.  You’ll have a chance to experience these gems of the wine world on this luxury 6 hour guided tour of 4 of Santorini’s best wineries: the Winery Museum of Koutsougianopoulos, Boutari Winery, Santos Winery, and Gavalas Winery. Included also is a stop at the re-opened 3,500 year old Akrotiri Excavation site. We’ve chosen to have lunch time at the Kamari beach at one of the adorable beach side cafes,with time allotted for a little beach walking on the black lava beach. Santorini-wine-tastingtour by Archaeologous



You’ll rendezvous with your guide at your appointed place and then in an A/C vehicle you’ll head out of the capital, Fira, and go to the first winery of the day, the winery Museum of Koutsougianopoulos. This is a little corny but very educational. It’s a 300′ long tunnel filled with life size animated puppets showing you the wine making process using many rare antique machines. then onto the wine sampling.  You’ll sample 4 tastes of their beautiful wines. Plus, there is a gift shop for souvenirs.  NOTE: make sure to sample the fantastic award winning “Kamaritis wine”.  Ask your guide how grapes can grow in a land with no rain and also the excavation of grape roots from 3,500 years ago.

Next, we’ve chosen the reputable BSantorini-Wineres2outari winery, located in Megalochori (large traditional village), which is very well known for their four wineries in Crete, Naoussa, Goumenisa and Santorini.

We’ll also be sampling some great wines at the 100 year old Santo winery which, as Trip Advisor reviewers say, “ has spectacular views of the Caldera and island”, “the wine is very good”, “our wedding vows were held here— it was PERFECT”,  and “ten times better view than anywhere else.”

Santorini-Wineries and weddingimages

Gavalas Winery is the last winery and we are confident that you will have a difficult time choosing a favorite from among all of them.  In addition to the wine tasting, there will fine cuisine at a great Kamari Beach seaside cafe lunch of authentic Greek Mediterranean food.  Afterward, spend some time walking on the adjacent black lava sand.

   A visit to the famed 3500 year old Akrotiri excavation site is included as a special treat to round out this fantastic day tour.

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Christianity/Biblical Tours in Ephesus Turkey

If you are interested and study the history of the Bible and Christianity, then this tour seems a perfect fit.  First you get yourself to Turkey with your questions, comfortable shoes and a camera. Then from the Port of Kusadasi, your Archaeologous tour of ‘Biblical’ Turkey will start with the religiously important historical city of Ephesus.  This is a quite popular biblical tour for those interested in the documented early Christian history of St John, Apostle Paul, and Mother Mary; all of whom spoke, lived and worked in the Ephesus area.

This area and much of Turkey is filled with historical religious relevance. Many church groups, youth groups and students of the Bible are very fond of what they experience walking in the footsteps of the Christian icons.


**You will learn that Ephesus was one of the richest cities of the Hellenistic period

**Ephesus was home to one of the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse mentioned in the Bible.

** As Apostle Paul mentioned in his letter to the Corinthians; ( Cor 16:9), he felt there was a ‘door of opportunity in Ephesus‘ due to the many opponents of Christianity.

** See the Grand Theater, where St Paul preached to capacity crowds

** Experience the commercial Agora, where silversmith shop owners rioted against Paul.

**Visit the Basilica of St John, the great church ruin that stands over the believed burial site of its namesake.

Note: St John, has been identified as the apostle, prophet, miracle worker, evangelist, and author of the Fourth Gospel and Revelations. It is said that after St John wrote the Book of Revelations in Patmos, he  returned to Ephesus.

These are some of the references concerning Ephesus:   Acts 18:19-24; 19:1-35; 20:16-17; 21:29, 1 Cor. 15:32; 16:8, I Tim. 1:3 II Tim. 1:18; 4:12, Rev. 1:11, 2:1

LUNCH TIME: is provided on the tour at a nearby beautiful outdoor shade garden setting of Hali Village where an organic lunch is offered.  After lunch there will be time to see the famed Turkish carpet creating procedure from cocoon to double knotted exquisite carpet ‘art’.


** A short lovely hill top drive takes you to the House of Mother Mary, the sacred place visited by thousands of pilgrims every year.

** Recognized by the Vatican as the final resting place of the Virgin Mary.

** Two popes have visited here. It is written in the Gospel of John (19:26-27), “When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple there whom he loved, he said to his mother, ‘Woman, behold, your son’.’ Then he said to the disciple, ‘Behold, your mother’, and  from that hour the disciple took her into his home.” This is how Mother Mary was brought to Ephesus by John.   Here, you will have time to soak in the quietude of the sanctuary where Mother Mary lived in her final years.

Statue in the House of Mother MaryTo end off your day’s excursion, this tour provides you with some  time for a visit in the  town of Kusadasi for a Turkish shopping opportunity.

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Santorini Grand Caldera tour by Archaeologous

Archaeologous ‘Grand Caldera Santorini tour’ itineraryArcheological Museum, Red Beach, Pyrgos, Santos Winery with caldera view, Akrotiri ruins, lunch at caldera overlook, Oia, one of the most photographed villages in the world  for shopping and sightseeing and back to Fira.

I had often heard of many people taking the story book ‘donkey’ ride up  the 800′ incline to the Santorini clifftop villages. Sounded like fun. So the first time I went to Santorini, don’t you know, I went up by donkey, came down by tram, went back up on foot, and down again on tram. For fun, it’s the donkey. For a panoramic view it’s the tram and for feeling like you accomplished something, it’s by foot.

Many people come to Santorini, a truly  one-of-a-kind destination in the world, as part of their Mediterranean cruise. Of course, some come for a few days on their way to check out as many Greek islands as possible in a week or two. However you get here, you are going to LOVE it!

Check out a favorite private tour of ours, the Archaeologous Santorini Grand Caldera “round the island” tour.

I don’t care how many times I go back to Santorini it always looks different due to the amazing colors, the flowers during spring and summer, the shadows and cats on the Cycladic architecture. It all just becomes ‘imprinted’ on your eyes. It’s a ‘natural wonder of the world,’ due to the ancient volcanic activity leaving three fourths of the land sunk to the depth of 800-1200 feet. Maybe you’ve read, as I have, of a brilliant rich land called Atlantis being sunk due to an enormous volcanic eruption. And of the one that happened i Santorini, felt as far away as Turkey and devastated the Minoan society on Crete. Who knows for sure?  It all just adds to the mystery and romance of this island.

Whether you are coming for the photo opportunities you’ve heard about, or for the amazing historical value of the island’s archaeological sites, or the famous wines, or to be married or honeymoon here, you won’t be disappointed.

                                             As seen on Archaeologous Caldera full day tour of Santorini

Highlights of the Santorini Tour:

* You’ll see your guide/or driver holding a name plaque then they’ll walk you to the A/C vehicle to commence with your private tour.

* Fira, the capital, we take in the Archaeological Museum to give you a taste of the greatness of ancient Santorini.

* We’ll walk around the typical Cycladic village of Pyrgos with its labyrinth alleyways and wonderful architecture.

* You will visit a top rated winery, Santos,where you can sample the rare wine made only in Santorini.

* Perhaps, being on the first red beach of your life will be your special highlight.

* Lunch will be in a picturesque spot overlooking the water’s edge of the caldera.

* Following that, we visit the newly re-opened  3,500 yr old Akrotiri.

Happy Travels.