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3 Greek Islands in 1 Day from Athens by Archaeologous

How fun, You’re visiting the ancient mecca of thought, Athens. You’ve perhaps gone to the legendary perfect architectural masterpiece of the Parthenon and visited a museum or two. Now what? Let me suggest doing what my cousin and I did upon her visit.

In one day you take a fabulous boat ride (capacity about 140) to three truly different Greek islands. The first we experienced, (the order may change), was Hydra with it’s ‘donkey instead of car’ policy. Charming, clean, tons of great shops for souvenirs, delightful port side cafes, and beloved vacation spot for many Athenians. (and they have their choice)

Next after sailing, getting some sun and fresh air on the deck we reach Poros for a Mediterranean buffet lunch and exploration time.

Then the finale for us was Aegina, once the ancient capital of Greece. Gorgeous, pistachio ice cream, sunsets over the ruins of the ancient temples are just a few of the many plus marks we gave Aegina. All for one low price, the boat trip, the lunch, the entertainment on the boat. For further info:

great vacation fun, just outside Athens. 3 islands in one day.

great vacation fun, just outside Athens. 3 islands in one day.


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