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Best Greek souvenir-Worry Beads

If you’ve ever been nervous, or twittled your fingers, or perhaps grabbed a cigarette just for something to do with your hands, then let me introduce an age old remedy… The Greek Worry beads.

Plaka-worry beads-Athens 096

When walking around the various shopping areas in Greece, you will see every age, size and shape male standing close to their shop entrance talking with each other while twirling their worry beads with one hand. It passes the time and is therapeutic for stress relief.

The history of the worry bead (Komboloi) dates back to a time when the  Mount Athos monks began making strands of beads by tying knots at regular interval for saying their prayers.

Now, however, you will find the beads used for fun and stress release instead of praying.  NOTE: a fun game is to have the children you are traveling with (if you are) count how many shop owners are standing outside their shops twirling their worry beads.

Worry beads come in all colors and various sizes. They pack easily, are inexpensive and serve quite a pleasant purpose.

The most common of the many stones used for worry beads is amber plus other organic beads. Take your time to buy a ‘hand made Komboloi as the beauty and prices vary immensely. Prices can be only a few euros up to 1,000 euros. Try the Plaka and the Monasteraki for 1000’s of choices. Many stores are equipped to ship your orders back to your home.

You can learn the various ways to flip the beads. One way is a quiet way for indoors and not bothering anyone and the other is a noisy way when you are outside. If you are touring on a day trip from Athens to Nafplion, you will be able to go to the unique Komboloi Museum that was created in 1981.

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