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Happy: Springtime, Easter, Flowers, & Vacation planning

Hi everybody. Happy springtime. Love this time of year watching the Greek flowers burst open and peoples’ attitudes become lighter. Is this the year you say, that’s it I’m going to vacation in Greece, sip ouzo and watch the sunset over the Santorini Caldera, feel the Cape Sounion  Temple of Poseidon, or soak up a Mediterranean tan on one of the 393 Blue Flag beaches? All I can tell you, is DO IT!!   For your own sake, it’s my advise to start your planning NOW.

It's palpable, the 3,000 yr + ancient strength of Cape Sounion.

It’s palpable, Cape Sounion’s magnificence

Travel broadens ones scope of thinking and tastes. I always seem to meet the most interesting people while traveling. Seem like you are never alone in this world and ‘someone’ always knows where you are so it’s a bit hard to get lost….know what I mean?

There are many experienced agencies that have pre-set tours that you just hop on a bus with lots of strangers and go to places like the Delphi (think the Oracle of Delphi) or a fun day of seeing 3 Greek islands on the 3 Island Tours: Poros, Aegina and Hydra. Or, of course a private guided customized tour lets you choose your own itinerary and your licensed guide teaches you all about it.  Your can choose what ever sails your boat (translation, make yourself happy)

Day tour to Delphi from Athens-great day of history, site, museum, lunch, & shopping

Day tour to Delphi from Athens-great day of history, site, museum, lunch, & shopping

Be adventuresome: the foods you find on the street of Greece in the villages an or Athens are great. The (yero yero-shaved pork in a pita and the  (Souvlaki meat sticks) are inexpensive  and delicious.

Mediterranean fast food. Try the souvlaki tasty street food  in Greece.

Mediterranean fast food. Try the souvlaki tasty street food in Greece.




Try cooking Greek before you go:  watermelon- feta cheese – mint as a salad for the summer (add grapes and pumpkin seeds if you want)

Greek Quotes: “Happiness depends on ourselves” Aristotle

Fun Fact about Greece: Thousands of English words come from the Greek language, sometimes via the Roman adaptation into Latin and then to English. Common English words from Greek include “academy,” “apology,” “marathon,” “siren,” “alphabet,” and “typhoon.”

Cultural tip: Had a horrible experience and feel ripped off? Contact the local ‘Tourist Police’ office. They exist to handle complaints and assist tourists – not to arrest them!

Greek words of the week: Oraio, which means beautiful.  Parakalo, which means please. Efharisto, which means thank you. Kali Mera, which means good morning and Posa Kani Afto, which means how much is it.

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