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Istanbul Full Day walking tour by Archaeologous

We walked the streets of Istanbul and  met school children running up to us like we were Hollywood stars, watched the men wash their feet before going into the Blue Mosque, saw fresh pomegranate juice being squeezed, double knotted Turkish carpets being weaved, ate from the multiple stands during Ramadan and on and on.  The first time I went to Istanbul was for my brother-in-laws anniversary trip. We were treated to the weekend, however my husband and I ended up staying for a week by ourselves ‘after’ the weekend. It’s a city of pure sensual pleasure.

So if you are going for a first time, I’d suggest a walking tour which will give you the ‘taste’ of the culture. This walking tour by Archaeologous is a good one and will leave you with memories of a lifetime.

DESCRIPTION: Archaeologous Istanbul Walking Tours are great because you can see so many popular ‘choice’ historic places within a close proximity. From the time you are met at your hotel till your return eight hours later, you will be experiencing a flashback of the amazing beauty and wealth of Istanbul’s past. If you are looking for a ‘feet on the ground’ experience while learning then this ‘private guided’ tour of the exquisitely beautiful Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar is the best.

NOTE:  Please, be respectful of the request of no photos of people in prayer, and ladies, you are asked to wear a scarf around your head and shoulders upon entry.

INCLUDED: Licensed private guide, pick up and delivery back to your hotel

NOT INCLUDED: entrance fees, lunch and gratuities (appreciated when deserved)

The Blue Mosque, which is the primary mosque in Istanbul where people are called to prayer six times a day.

The Hagia Sophia, the world’s largest building for over 1,000 years.

The Basilica Cistern, a one-of-a-kind football field size underground structure, which presently, due to it’s acoustics and eerie beauty,  is also used for movies and/or concerts.

The Topkapi Palace, a breath taking elegant and opulent statement of the wealth of ancient Turkey.

A Turkish lunch time is planned to experience the ‘famed’ delicious Turkish cuisine.

The Grand BazaarIstanbul Turkish Bazaar-walking tour by Archaeologous which is 4,000 shops  under one roofed area and the opportunities for acquisition are limitless.

So choose a leisurely paced walking tour with Archaeologous if you really want to get a feeling of real Turkish life, the history, the calls to prayer, the ageless bazaars, and the opulence of the past. Istanbul is aptly named, the ‘crossroads of culture’

No worries, if you want to ‘tweak’ the itinerary and stay longer at one place, or skip one location entirely, just tell your private guide. With Archaeologous, it’s our joy to give you, our clients, the very ideal of what you desire.

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