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Tour Athens by night – assisted by Archaeologous


When my cousin was just here visiting Athens for the first time, we got dressed up and ‘went out on the town’. Athens is Acropolis at Night on Archaeologous tourbeautiful and romantic at night with the lit up Parthenon and Acropolis seen from most vantage points and if you’ve never been to Athens it will be a beautiful memory forever.

We joined a small group (of course I had Archaeologus arrange it for us) and had a great time on her one and only night in Athens. If you would like to join a tour like this to see the ‘night time Athens’, see the sights and have a great dinner and show, then contact http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/67/night-time-athens-tour/.  We were, like you will be, driven around Athens to see and appreciate the modern and ancient archaeological sites such as the Temple of Olympic Zeus, the Hadrian’s Arch, Olympic Stadium and more.

The finale is arriving at the Plaka, known as the “neighborhood of the Gods” which is an adorable cobble stoned village sitting right under the Acropolis. Here, a popular delightful restaurant has been arranged for your Mediterranean dinner and entertainment.  Here, you just sit back, like we did, and enjoy course after course of food plus, the talented energetic troupe of singers and dancers in Greek traditional costumes. Don’t be surprised if ‘you’ end up on stage!  It was great fun as my cousin ‘did’ end  up on the stage as part of the show and looked like she was a pro. Remember to have your camera ready in case one of ‘your’ family members gets called upon to start learning the Greek dancing.


  • Your escort will pick you up and drop you off at your local Athens hotel, just request it with Archaeologous.

  • Email: contact@archaeologous.com if you have any questions or, if you would like some assistance.

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