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Santorini Grand Caldera tour by Archaeologous

Archaeologous ‘Grand Caldera Santorini tour’ itineraryArcheological Museum, Red Beach, Pyrgos, Santos Winery with caldera view, Akrotiri ruins, lunch at caldera overlook, Oia, one of the most photographed villages in the world  for shopping and sightseeing and back to Fira.

I had often heard of many people taking the story book ‘donkey’ ride up  the 800′ incline to the Santorini clifftop villages. Sounded like fun. So the first time I went to Santorini, don’t you know, I went up by donkey, came down by tram, went back up on foot, and down again on tram. For fun, it’s the donkey. For a panoramic view it’s the tram and for feeling like you accomplished something, it’s by foot.

Many people come to Santorini, a truly  one-of-a-kind destination in the world, as part of their Mediterranean cruise. Of course, some come for a few days on their way to check out as many Greek islands as possible in a week or two. However you get here, you are going to LOVE it!

Check out a favorite private tour of ours, the Archaeologous Santorini Grand Caldera “round the island” tour.

I don’t care how many times I go back to Santorini it always looks different due to the amazing colors, the flowers during spring and summer, the shadows and cats on the Cycladic architecture. It all just becomes ‘imprinted’ on your eyes. It’s a ‘natural wonder of the world,’ due to the ancient volcanic activity leaving three fourths of the land sunk to the depth of 800-1200 feet. Maybe you’ve read, as I have, of a brilliant rich land called Atlantis being sunk due to an enormous volcanic eruption. And of the one that happened i Santorini, felt as far away as Turkey and devastated the Minoan society on Crete. Who knows for sure?  It all just adds to the mystery and romance of this island.

Whether you are coming for the photo opportunities you’ve heard about, or for the amazing historical value of the island’s archaeological sites, or the famous wines, or to be married or honeymoon here, you won’t be disappointed.

                                             As seen on Archaeologous Caldera full day tour of Santorini

Highlights of the Santorini Tour:

* You’ll see your guide/or driver holding a name plaque then they’ll walk you to the A/C vehicle to commence with your private tour.

* Fira, the capital, we take in the Archaeological Museum to give you a taste of the greatness of ancient Santorini.

* We’ll walk around the typical Cycladic village of Pyrgos with its labyrinth alleyways and wonderful architecture.

* You will visit a top rated winery, Santos,where you can sample the rare wine made only in Santorini.

* Perhaps, being on the first red beach of your life will be your special highlight.

* Lunch will be in a picturesque spot overlooking the water’s edge of the caldera.

* Following that, we visit the newly re-opened  3,500 yr old Akrotiri.

Happy Travels.

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