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Rhodes-half day Lindos & 7 Springs Tour

It’s always refreshing to be involved with a dynamic tour company like Archaeologous that has such a variety of day tours in both Greece and Turkey. Literally, there is something for every vacationers’ style.

I don’t know about you, but I like choice. I like to think I can either put an itinerary together myself, or if I’m into just being ‘taken care of, then I opt for a pre-set tour and leave the details to the pros. It’s all available here.

Take this private-guided shore excursion in Rhodes, Greece of the archaeological wonder Lindos and 7 Springs. It includes a licensed guide (optional), deluxe A/C motor vehicle and will take you to the most favorite Rhodes destinations, (You just ‘have’ to go to a place with the name, “Jewel of the Island,”) So, on this tour you will visit Lindos, the 3,000 year old Acropolis.

I find the walk up to the Acropolis really great as you are looking down upon a gorgeous blue flag beach, aqua marine waters, and islands in the distance. You, like me, might marvel at the engineering feats of the Knights of Rhodes as they refortified the castle and walls. (How did they do that?)  Of course there is some time to oggle as you walk through the little Lindos town cradled below the ruins. And then an unexpected outing, for being on a Greek island, an oasis called the 7 Springs. This refreshing nature stop is really lovely. Maybe you’ll see the peacocks I was busy chasing to get the ‘ultimate’ photo.

I really like the overall look of Rhodes, It is a huge Greek island and one gets to experience it in the scenic one hour drive along the East Coast of the island where you’ll pass diverse landscapes including: forests, beaches, jungles,and ancient river beds.


Private guided historical Rhodes tours by Archaeologous.

Private guided historical Rhodes tours by Archaeologous.

*Lidos is most attractive village on Rhodes.

* The acropolis is higher (by 100′) and older by (500 years) than the Acropolis in Athens….and the locals are ‘very’ proud of those facts.

* Since ancient times, Rhodes (Rhodos) was famous for its pottery and thus, so you get to enjoy a quick stop in the village of Archangelos in order to visit a pottery factory for an interesting demonstration of their techniques.

* At the top of the Acropolis, you will be rewarded with the majesty of the Great Stoa, the remains of the massive Temple of Athena Lindia,  an ancient theatre, and some remains of the Temple of Dionysus.

* In ancient times, the village of Lindos had a population of 50,000 compared to today’s 400 people.

* Lindos Village is unique  due to it’s artistic white pebble artwork decorated stairs, walkways, roads etc.

Another great adventure.

Happy Travels

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