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Top 5 Destinations – Greece for Multi Day Vacations

Bravo, you are coming to Greece on an extended multi-day vacation for a week or two. So let us, Archaeologous, suggest the top 5 destinations to see in Greece as this ‘is’ our specialty. These are based on what our customers’ desire, plus ratings, and magazine articles over the past 3 years. Yes, there are many more than 5 fabulous places to see and visit as Greece is a top travel destination. Why, because Greece is made up of many diverse geological looks, museums, ancient sites, cultural wonders, exciting nightlife, fine hotels plus tiny villages and great summer weather from May til late Sept. Get ready for amazing beauty, great tasting healthy Mediterranean cuisine, fascinating architecture in the Cyclades, gorgeous beaches, great shopping and a trip to the past to help understand present time. Archaeologous can help you plan your custom itinerary based upon your wishes.  We organize VIP, honeymoon, reunion, biblical and historical tours around Greece.

Whether you choose a Greek island or the mainland, your vacation will be a lifetime memory.

1. Santorini: Popular gorgeous destination for honeymoons, cruise ships, photographers, and vacationers who enjoy mega beauty and history. Santorini, has the world largest caldera formed by volcanic eruption, two archaeological sites, award winning wine, and Cycladic architecture to make every photo a winner.

2. Peloponnese: Peloponnese is a wide peninsula seeped in history and is connected to mainland Greece by a bridge. Here you will find everything from the legends of Sparta and the 300, to Venetian fortresses and Greek temples, combined with Byzantine churches. At Mycenae (close to Epidaurus) you will experience the Mycenaean palace fortress which has provided most of the National Archaeological Museum  with its gold treasures.

Penisula of Peloponnes, history & beauty on Archaeologous multi-day tours

Penisula of Peloponnes, history & beauty on Archaeologous multi-day tours

A true romantic favorite of many is the medieval castles and bougainvillea draped cobblestone pathways of Nafplio. Not to forget, the amazing beaches such as  Elafonissos. Or take in the many towns are popular like: Olympia, which is a must as it’s the location of the first Olympic Games hosted in honor of Zeus. Then there is Corinth with the Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinth museum and excavation site which are favorites.Also, Tolo with its sandy beaches and affordable accommodations and Patras, which hosts one of Europe’s largest Carnival celebrations due to its exciting culture and arts scene. Epidaurus, site of the most amazing theatrical acoustics and still used today for concerts.

3. Rhodes: You’ll want to go back to Rhodes is the bet around the office. This former home of one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, the famed Colossus of Rhodes,  is quite the popular European destination. Most guides in Rhodes speak multiple languages.It’s located in the southern Aegean Sea next to Turkey and parallel to Crete. Gorgeous weather, magnificent beaches, top notch hotels, vast variety of geology, brilliant flowers, pine forests and a plethora of history Who could ask for anything more.

Visit everything from the Knights of Rhodes’ Medieval Grand Masters’Castle and Medieval Old Town, to the 3,000 year old Temple of Apollo at Lindos, or be kissed by a butterfly  on your way to one of the glorious beaches. Rhodes has one of the world’s longest and brilliant histories as it’s  been inhabited since the Stone Age. Come explore it’s wonders.

4. Thessaloniki: is  a lovely city with wide streets, a beautiful town center and long rows of seaside cafes facing the sunset. This capital (and the 2nd largest city in Greece) of the Macedonian region (birthplace of Alexander the Great) you will find lively, clean, friendly and full of culture, social events with a brilliant night scene.

Multi-Day Greece tours with Archaeologous-specialist in private day tours

Multi-Day Greece tours with Archaeologous-specialist in private day tours

You can, of course,  have a private guided tour with Archaeologous or hop on a bus and be taken to the top of the hill for a sunset dinner, or take in Turkish baths, the famed White Tower, museums, art galleries, parks etc. It is much calmer than Athens with a no rush attitude. Take in the numerous upscale shops and boutiques on Proxenou Avenue and Tsimiski Street. There is plenty to do at night from nightclubs and tavernas in the popular Ladadika warehouse area near the port, to ‘floating bars’ on the boats that take you around the Thermaic Gulf, fine restaurants to places to dance. Thessaloniki is a great place to vacation.

5. Mykonos: Mykonos is one of the highlights of a Mediterranean cruise. The first thing you will notice are the iconic Mykonos windmills atop the hill line. There are 23 gorgeous beaches, many with water sports ‘toys’, private boats can be arranged, and day trips to the sacred island of Delos. It’s a perfect mixture of day fun and night life. Known as a ‘party’ island, there are many choices of nightclubs, bars, cafes for an exciting night out. Enjoy the picturesque Cycladic architecture of this cosmopolitan town that blends in with the traditional villages still living the old Greek way.

Make sure to take in “Little Venice‘ the small seaside port town which is home to Pedros the Pelican. Find your seaside table and chair, watch the sunset and write your postcards to friends back home. All this and more makes Mykonos one of the most visited of the Greek islands. FYI: Due to it’s popularity with the stars the prices are a little on the high side.

FYI: It’s best to have someone with experience handling your itinerary. The organizers at Archaeologous are experienced, dedicated, and compassionate to your needs. Tell us where you want to vacation and we’ll make it happen

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