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‘Multi-day’ custom private tours in Greece & Turkey

Let us here at Archaeologous, take out the stress and worry of planning an extended vacation. Maybe you are going to Greece and want to choose 5 or 6 locations and need hotels, tours, and transportation in all of them. Or, if you are mixing the two countries of Turkey AND Greece, let us assist, as it’s our specialty. You tell us want you want to do and we arrange it all. From V.I.P high end vacations to honeymoons, Mediterranean cruise shore excursions for one day, religious/historical or private reunions–we arrange it all.  For more information, go to :  http://www.archaeologous.com/multiday-tours/

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, the largest building in the world for over 1,000 years.

We have the experience, passion, and dependability, to show you the best of our country(s) and assist you in your one-of-a-kind “customized” vacation  in Greece and Turkey. See why we earned the TripAdvisor Excellence Award for 2013. We can create a vacation visiting numerous locations such as: Athens, the Peloponnese, Santorini, Rhodes in Greece and/or Pamukkale, Istanbul, Troy, Izmir, Ephesus, Kusadasi, or Cappadocia in Turkey (just for starters). or have you in one spot and really get to know it. This is a specialty of ours as we offer high level service, new vehicles and experienced drivers, licensed guides, and a broad knowledge of restaurants, accommodations, and private tours for your group— no matter the size.

Vacationing in Greece and/or Turkey  is a popular choice and offers an incredible array of experiences that include fun in the sun, water sports, legendary archaeological sites, learned knowledge of the foundations of our western world as we know it. Combine all that with  incredible weather in the summer, great hiking trails, cuisine to write home about, and people who are gracious for a dream vacation. For questions go to: contact@archaeologous.com

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