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Izmir town half day tour

When you dock in the port city of “Beautiful Izmir” as it is now called, the large promenades, waterfront cafes, and swaying palm trees do not hint that the city originally was called “smelly waterfront” ( Kokaryali ). The change is due to the multi-million dollar refurbishing of the customs and port promenade areas. Izmir has been reinvented, so to speak, and is a popular destination for Mediterranean cruise ship passengers. The popular location is a great base to travel out on full day trips or extended vacations to places like the ancient mega cities of Pergamon with it’s world famous health spa. Or, Sardis which had the second largest Synagogue in the world next to Palestine, or Ephesus which is the largest outdoor museum in Turkey. or even the trio of important ancient cities Priene, Miletus and Didyma.

Private half day tours of Izmir by Archaeologous

Private half day tours of Izmir by Archaeologous

If you would like, we here at Archaeologous, can give you a  private guided half day tour in beautiful Izmir town. First, for your enjoyment will be the Izmir Archaeological Museum spanning a collection of 5,000 yrs +. This superb collection of historical treasures include the antiquities from all the legendary cities of the Anatolia area such as:  Ephesus, Aphrodisias, Miletus and more. Maybe you would like a peek into Turkeys recent history for the last 200 years. This is found at the Ethnographical Museum. It’s close by in a refurbished mansion and is a real interesting time for the whole family. See how the traditional Ottoman ways of making saddles,  camel bridles, copper works, glass,  traditional costumes,  carpets, and the tanning of leather were done.

A visit will be made to Pagos Hill for a panoramic bird’s eye view from the Kadifekale Castle with its five towers and walls. It is commonly known as the ‘the velvet castle‘ and is said to have been home to Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC when he rebuilt Izmir.

.Archaeologous always includes time in an authentic Turkish Bazaar on your day tours

Finally, no trip to Turkey is complete without experiencing a bazaar. So we take you to the Kemeralti Bazaar, a cornucopia of souvenirs and treasures from copper tea sets, silver, leather, and ceramic bowls to scarves, jewelry and carpets for you to enjoy.

Safe travels and Happy adventures from the Archaeologous staff


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