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Athens-museums, relics, & ancient artifacts

It’s true that  legendary Athens is filled with history. Let’s face it, you can see marble columns sticking up from below the modern ground level. Actually, there has been one ‘Athens’ built on top of another for millennium as you will see. Example: We went to dinner in the Plaka one night and walked down 9 stairs into the restaurant… There were real authentic Grecian pillars holding up the ceiling.

Maybe you’ve been to Athens before, but if you are planning to vacation for a first time, then you will notice what I’m talking about. Check out the underground subway station in Syntagma Square which has a mini museum of all the artifacts found under modern Athens while the system was being built/improved for the Olympics.

On privateguided  Museum -historical Athens day tour by Archaeologous

On private guided Museum -historical Athens day tour by Archaeologous

This fact is really obvious as you walk around the Plaka area. It is located right next to the Ancient Agora so as you sit sipping a fresh lemonada you can be looking at the pillars and temple ruins right in front of you laying there in all their splendor. Just for fun, imagine life when Socrates taught, St Paul spoke, and political rallys were held here during the formation of democracy.

Most of our tourist guests visiting Athens take one of our Archaeologous private Athens tours that include the museums and Plaka or of course, with us, you can always ‘customize’ your tour and have us organize ‘your’ perfect tour.

Of course if you want a crash course on the history of Greece, then head immediately to the National Archaeological Museum (quick taxi ride from Syntagma square). Here you will see the art treasures of the past eras.  I personally like the magnificent statue of Poseidon (or Zeus, (the authorities aren’t quite sure).  As many times as I’ve been to this museum, I always find myself standing in awe of the scultors who made these lifelike sculpted masterpieces. Our licensed extremely educated guides are  great at explaining the techniques that changed over the past ancient  ages.  The ‘new’ Acropolis museum houses all the relics found around the actual Acropolis area. The Cycladic Museum is very interesting and rich with distinctive treasures. If you have extra days in Athens, you can always obtain a little travel book listing the myriad of museums,

Safe travels and fun adventure from the Archaeologous staff

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