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Istanbul Walking Tour-half day

If you are like some of us at the office here at Archaeologous, you might prefer getting out in the ‘town’ and exploring by foot. Our Archaeologous Istanbul Walking Tours are great because you can see so many sightseeing highlights within a close proximity. This private tour starts by you being met at your hotel by your licensed guide and then being returned (4) four hours later. It’s a short time but you will be experiencing the amazing beauty and wealth of Istanbul’s past.

Visit Blue Mosque on Archaeologous walking tour

Visit Blue Mosque on Archaeologous walking tour

The exquisitely beautiful Blue Mosque is the primary mosque in Istanbul where people are called to prayer six times a day. Note: Please be respectful of the ‘no photos of people in prayer’ request.  Also, women, you must wear a scarf over your heads and shoulders upon entry to the mosque.  During your Highlights of Istanbul, your private guide will be a wealth of information. Continuing on, we stop at the monumental famed Hagia Sophia. Here your guide will be educating you on the times when this was the largest building in the world for over one thousand years.

Lastly, a visit to the Basilica Cistern, which is an underground sophisticated water containment system that will remain in your memory, most likely forever. Ask you guide how it was discovered.


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