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Athens Half Day Walking Tour

On this private walking half day tour you'll see the Acropolis, Plaka,  Ancient Agora, & Stoa of Attalos Museum

On this private walking half day tour you’ll see the Acropolis, Plaka, Ancient Agora, & Stoa of Attalos Museum

Only 243€ no matter what size your private group…. Think of it.. If ten of you go it’s only 24.30€ eachIf twenty go it’s only 12.15€ each. This is a great Athens walking tour deal!

A private guided walking tour is a really wonderful way to ‘ease’ into a new city. Athens is a great city to explore in this manner as there are so many ancient destinations close by and walking distance in the center of Athens.


You’ll walk up to (250’feet high) the entrance to the Acropolis, where you will get to explore, for approx. 1:15 hrs., the  Temple of Athena, the Propylaea,  the Temple of Nike and the epic Parthenon with panorama city views as well. 

Afterwards, we’ll walk down the hill and onto the mega walk street passing the Acropolis Museum on our way to the dynamic Plaka area. This famed area is great fun for all  with it’s shops, cafes, tavernas, photo opportunities. Also, see how many pillars and Byzantine churches you can count. It has to live up to it’s name, “The Neighborhood of the Gods and it does.Stpa pf Attalos on Athens Walking tour with Archaeologous.com

With free admission (just keep your Acropolis ticket) we head for the Ancient Agora where Socrates taught, St Paul spoke on his Athens mission, and democracy was created.  There is a lot packed into this half day as lastly, we’ll visit a small museum in the rebuilt Stoa of Attalos in the Agora. During this comfortably paced walk, you’ll be experiencing local life in a beautiful part of Athens.

It’s important to have a professional licensed guide as it gives you a much deeper  appreciation for everything you have read in the history books. Our guides are licensed and have extensive knowledge in all areas of interest regarding Greece: history, religion, architecture, art, and archaeology. So, come with lots of questions, and in your private group you’ll be able to hear the answers.

With Archaeologous, we are open for suggestions and requests to customize your half day walking tour. We’re happy to oblige, just ask.

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