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Athen’s Guides and Private guided tours by Archaeologous

It’s  summer and a perfect time to vacation in Athens, Greece. We suggest making your reservations soon as there is not an endless supply of educated licensed professional guides and for sure it is best to have a personal ‘guided’ tour while being shown such monumental archaeological ruins as the Acropolis, the Olympic Stadium, the Temple of Olympic Zeus,  the Mars Hill where St Paul spoke and more. For your convenience go to:  http://www.archaeologous.com/tours/private-guided-tours-from-athens/

to see a choice of guided or (optional) unguided tours of Athens offered by Archaeologous, specialist in private tours in Greece and Turkey.

Make sure the company you deal with uses Hatta qualified, licensed tour guides.

Make sure the company you deal with uses Hatta qualified, licensed tour guides.

Greece requires the guide to be licensed. The ‘only’ professionals permitted to conduct tours in all sites and museums within a city are these Licensed Tourist Guides. The  ‘Drivers’ that you might hire are not licensed guides and ‘cannot’ go into any venue with you so be careful of that. Licensed guides are required in those areas where the local authorities state that one of them is mandatory.

To become a Licensed Tourist Guide, candidates must pass an examination given by the local public tourist authorities usually after four years of schooling on the history, religion, architecture, archaeology of Greece and the same for Turkey.


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